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We Connect the World's Best Talents
with the World's Best Companies

  • Frontend

  • Backend

  • Full stack

  • Desktop

  • Mobile

  • Game

  • Dev ops

  • Testing/QA

Product & Design
  • Product managers

  • Product owner

  • Graphic designer

  • Web designer

  • Game designer

  • UX/UI designer

  • Branding

  • Advertising & Marketing

Data Science
  • Data science

  • BI

  • Data analysis

Project Management
  • Product owner

  • PMO

  • Scrum masters

  • Business analyst

Interim CTO

An CTO helps companies develop and implement technology strategy. They possess sharp analytical and leadership skills combined with excellent technical knowledge.

Interim CPO

An experienced CPO oversees product-market fit, product strategy, implementation as well as manages the team. 

Venture Builder

Creates and launches digital
businesses, from the ideation stage to market entry.
Is the essential commercial counterpart to bring projects & ventures live, validate and grow them

Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning

  • Automation


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Our Vetting and Testing Process


Screen CVs for professional experience, level of expertise and career path


Applications from a wide range of channels (referrals, own network, organic, paid, recruiters, etc)


Carry out a technical test (depending on position) to assess and confirm level of expertise and quality


Carry out a personal interview to assess personality, team player ability, language proficiency and key motivators & preferences


During an engagement search, we use our internal rating system, job specifications and an personal match interview to check if the candidate is right for the job

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